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CAR-T Cell Immunotherapy in the national spotlight

Loved watching this video of Emily Dumler, a young Mom to three and wife, describe her cancer journey experience. After being diagnosed with stage 3 Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, she went through two different types of treatment before qualifying for a new treatment type of immunotherapy. That treatment was Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) T-Cell Therapy, a type of immunotherapy that is gaining momentum in treating blood cancers. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has a terrific resource explaining how this therapy works. In short: T cells are collected from the patient. These T cells are manipulated with DNA, allowing production of chimeric antigen receptor...

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Just diagnosed with cancer? Here’s what to do

“You have cancer.” Three little words. A life-time of change. Maybe you’ve recently received this news. Or a loved one has shared that he / she has and you’re doing some research about how to make sense of it. A lot of emotions run through one’s head after learning about a cancer diagnosis. The following are things you should look to do immediately following a cancer diagnosis. Don’t Freak Out A cancer diagnosis is the first step in a treatment plan. Next comes staging, which helps tell your medical team how invasive the disease is and a plan of...

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Cancer Recurrence: How To Combat The Fear

Cancer recurrence. These two words can provide a lifetime of anxiety and fear for cancer survivors. The truth of the matter is: It is impossible to fully eliminate the thought of cancer coming back. This is compounded when you’re right out of treatment and no longer actively fighting the disease or later in life when you start experiencing symptoms that are related to when you were first diagnosed. Overview This resource is meant to help cancer survivors work through any anxiety or fearful thoughts of cancer recurrence. The following text includes natural thoughts and feelings immediately after treatment, short-term...

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Pet Therapy for Cancer Patients

A woof, meow, or the presence of any type of pet in a life of a cancer patient can help improve their emotional well-being. That isn’t to say that every individual experiencing their cancer journey should look to obtain a therapy pet. Read below to learn more about the pros and cons about inviting a pet into your life during cancer treatment and how to obtain a service dog and the best dog Scientific Studies In January 2015, The Mount Sinai Hospital / Mount Sinai School of Medicine published a study of a clinical trial in which they concluded:...

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Cancer “vaccine” shows promise

Researchers at Stanford University have successfully eliminated tumors in mice what what is being labeled as a “vaccine” for cancer. According to the published news item: Injecting minute amounts of two immune-stimulating agents directly into solid tumors in mice can eliminate all traces of cancer in the animals, including distant, untreated metastases… The results are so promising results that this form of treatment technique is moving forward to become a clinical trial option for those with lymphoma. This is a progression of immunotherapy, a relatively new treatment option that relies on the strength of one’s immune system in combating...

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