Happy to announce completion of online training for Oncology Patient Navigator Training: The Fundamentals from George Washington University’s Cancer Center.

Why this is important

This certification proves that I’ve undergone the necessary education requirements to understand the fundamentals of oncology patient navigation.

From GWU Cancer Center’s welcome letter:

We are excited to offer our Oncology Patient Navigator Training: The Fundamentals at no cost to patient navigators across the country. In 2013 we started an 18-month process to create the first-ever competencies for non-clinically licensed Oncology Patient Navigators. In 2015 we launched this free, competency-based training through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Was this tough? You bet! There were 20 training modules which required studying of text and video material. Following each was a quiz that required a 70% score or higher to pass.

Other certifications

I also completed four other certifications from the GW Online Training Academy. These can be viewed on the accreditation page. These range from communications to executive training. Same quiz rules applied.

I consider this a necessary step in providing the best resources possible online for people seeking information about cancer diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.